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The King makes the Rules

The whole thought of us “gentiles” being saved into the Kingdom of God is very interesting.  The biblical picture of God in all His Holiness is frightening.  In me it stirs respect but it doesn’t make Him feel approachable.  How do we really live in the Kingdom of a Holy God?

One thing that is clear is that Jesus as King of the Kingdom gets to set the rules.  He could rightfully set down a very strict set of requirements.  So, the rules  He does choose are beyond our comprehension.  He chooses the rule of Grace!

What is within the character of a Holy God that He would set down the rule of grace as the means of our relationship?

In Romans chapter 5, Paul draws a strong contrast- on one side is the reign of sin through death and on the other is the reign of grace through righteousness that leads to eternal life.

Paul, who had killed Christians because of his dedication to the law must have been totally stunned by this reality of reigning grace.  It was such an extraordinary concept that it created arguments – well if grace is that abundant doesn’t that mean we can just go out and sin?   No is the answer, that thinking shows you have missed the beauty and glory of what God’s grace is.

The King has set the rules – He has chosen the rule of grace.  Jesus is and has done everything– in Him we live and move and have our being!!

I believe our part in sanctification, at its most basic core, is simply to learn to live in the grace of God.

Righteous is not the way I would choose to describe myself BUT under the reign of grace – I am righteous.  Approaching the throne of a Holy God does not seem appropriate for someone like me BUT under the reign of grace I am to enter boldly. I had done so well making God my enemy BUT He has done everything to make me His friend.

The high calling of every believer – to learn to live in the true grace of God.


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One thought on “The King makes the Rules

  1. Bob Wright on said:

    Great thoughts, Mike. I’ve never thought of my journey as in any way being parallel to Paul’s journey. You’ve aptly pointed out that Paul’s background was extremely legalistic, so when he talked in his letters about grace, it’s all that more meaninful.

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