Journeys along the Way

Why the Pilgrims Way?

The Pilgrims Way road in England

While living in Europe, I met for the first time, Evangelicals that take time from their schedules to go on Pilgrimage.  I bunked with an Irish pastor who was preparing to walk 250 miles on the Camino de Santiago.  He had done this many times with a group from his church.  This time however he would walk alone.  For him, this journey was to restore what the busyness of life and ministry had taken from him.  He longed to meet God and walk with Him along this journey.

I walked the hills of Northumbria, England with a Brit who spent the biggest part of his life as a missionary.  I watched something within him come to life as he tied up his walking boots and set off to be with God on a solitary trail.  He dreamed of re-establishing some routes of Pilgrimage in England for Christians to take time to remember what God has done and to reflect on who He is.

Remembering, Reflecting, Adventure and Discovery are some of the words that would best describe my own enjoyment with living life “as a pilgrim on the Way”.  The above photo is taken of an ancient pilgrimage route in South East England called “The Pilgrim’s Way”.


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