Journeys along the Way

Meet Mike

A little about me: I was born in Detroit and grew up in South Lyon, Michigan.  In 1979 I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where I eventually met and married my Hoosier wife Sonja.  We have two girls both born in Chicago which makes them Illinoisans.  We lived in the Czech Republic from 1994 to 2011 which makes our girls Third Culture kids and Sonja and I something fairly undefinable.

After church planting for many years in the Czech Republic, I grew in a desire to “do less, with fewer men, and to go deeper”.  This has developed into what I do today.  I work in the area of “Soul Care and Spiritual Formation”.  I have completed a graduate program at North Park Seminary receiving my certificate as a Spiritual Director.  In simplest terms- this means I am trained as a listener.  I believe we long for another person to listen to our deepest stories and I also believe as we are listened to and share our stories that the Holy Spirit often does a deep work.

I love walking with my wife,  spending time with my girls (so much so I’ve grown to enjoy chic flicks),  exploring the lakes, streams and woods of Michigan, and sitting around a table enjoying conversation with friends. I deeply miss the life and ministry we had as a family in Podebrady, Czech Republic.

I am learning that life is not a destination to get to but a journey along the way.  I am a pilgrim on the journey and I walk with other pilgrims.  Walking with other pilgrims is the greatest joy and the greatest struggle I know.  I am thankful for each one who has walked with me and thankful for my Heavenly Father who loads my path with many things that enable me to get to know Him more.  I often call these obstacles but lo and behold He uses these very things so I can grow more and more into the likeness of His Son.


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