Journeys along the Way

Spiritual Retreats

I have been facilitating spiritual retreats for a number of years now.  The goal is to find a quiet place where unhurried time can be spent with the Lord and with the others on the retreat.  Ideally retreats are with 3-5 others.  This provides more time for listening and sharing with one another.  I also lead individual retreats with men and retreats for individual married (or even engaged) couples.

I have found that often in our busy schedules we are longing for two things:  a deeper sense of relationship with God and a deeper sense of community with others.  I design the retreats to cultivate both of these important relational aspects of the Christian life.

a missionary from a Retreat in Europe:     “Our spiritual retreat was a time filled with solitude, honest interaction, meditation on the Word of God, and prayer.  It was exactly what I needed this year.  I really needed a retreat that was focused on being with God rather than learning.  I believe these kinds of retreats are a must for those involved in full time ministry and a wonderful tool for all believers.”


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