Journeys along the Way

Alma’s Story

While we were in Podebrady in June we saw Alma who came to see us at church.  A good friend Kelly Prudek recently had coffee with Alma and listened as Alma shared her spiritual journey.

Many years ago Alma was vacationing in Switzerland.  As she looked out over the mountains she was struck with a deep sense that there must be some kind of higher power.  Growing up in Czechoslovakia under the communist regime, she knew nothing about what this Higher Power might be like.

As time passed, back in her town in the Czech Republic she read an advertisement in the local newspaper about English classes sponsored by Christians in Podebrady.  She decided to attend.  This is where we met Alma.  Alma faithfully took the train to classes as much as she was able and joined in the discussions about the Bible afterwords.

Alma, then in her seventies, lived alone in the town of Lysa nad Labem.  Her children had immigrated to Germany and Australia.  We did not see Alma for a number of years until she showed up to the Grand Canyon Cafe outreach in Podebrady.  She sat at a table with Kelly Prudek and the two of them had a long discussion about faith in God.  It was not long after that we began the work in Milovice, only a mile from Alma’s town.  It gave us great joy to see Alma attend the worship services.

Alma, now a believer, was recently honored on a Sunday morning on her 80th birthday.  Her children struggle with her faith in Christ but she continues undeterred.  For Alma, the church is not just a place of worship but family.


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